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Jordan Adams

Jordan Adams

Jordan, while a recent addition to the team, has already proven to be a detail oriented and enthusiastic tradesman, approaching projects with the same bespoke methodology that Hardwick Projects strives for. Jordan was qualified to a full-time tradesman with Hardwick Projects after spending his apprenticeship in several different companies throughout the Canberra region and proving that he had the skills and motivation to take on the responsibility.

Jordan is cheerful, thoughtful, and has a quiet and nuanced approach to problem solving that fits superbly in the structure of the company. With experience in several different areas of construction, this dovetails excellently with the teams well-established practices for a rounded, multifaceted perspective.

Instantly recognizable with his signature bushy beard Jordan is kind, approachable and an excellent representative for Hardwick Projects. While not on the tools, Jordan can be found cruising the streets on his motorbike or raising the roof at a rural music festival.