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Ben Kozak

3rd Year Apprentice

With a lifelong passion for carpentry, Ben's journey into the craft began in childhood, fuelled by a deep-seated love for hands-on work. Crafting and building have evolved beyond mere professions for him; they've become sources of immense fulfillment and satisfaction. Ben embarked on his journey as a first-year carpenter apprentice. Now, mid-way through his third year, Ben displays an early aptitude that has propelled him toward tradesman status ahead of schedule.

Within the realm of carpentry, Ben finds particular joy in the framing stage of a project. He thrives on the rapid progress and creative challenges that this phase presents, relishing in the set-out and the opportunity for innovation early on as the foundations evolve into a home.

Looking to the future, Ben has set his sights on obtaining his builder's license, a milestone that will open doors to further professional growth and opportunities in residential building and beyond.

Ben's success at Hardwicks is underpinned by an impressive skill set and work ethic. He possesses a remarkable ability to quickly assimilate new knowledge, complemented by reliability and strong communication skills. His talent for problem-solving and approachable nature makes him a valuable asset to the team. Plus, his sunny disposition is matched only by his enviable tan, ensuring he stands out in any crowd.

Beyond site, Ben channels his passion for tinkering by flipping cars and motorbikes in his spare time.