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Amber Mollison

3rd Year Apprentice
Amber Molloinson

Amber, fondly referred to as Molly by her mates, has evolved into a seasoned third-year apprentice with Hardwick Projects, earning acclaim for her remarkable woodworking skills and meticulous attention to detail.

With an insatiable appetite for diversity and problem-solving challenges, Amber thrives on the intricacies of her craft. She seizes every opportunity to broaden her knowledge and refine her skill set, demonstrating unwavering dedication and a natural affinity for the industry. Her high-end finishes and exquisite woodworking skills set her apart in the field.

Looking ahead, Amber aspires to pay it forward by guiding and mentoring others in their journey through the trades.

When she's not honing her craft, Amber can be found embracing the great outdoors in her trusty 4x4, conquering boulders at BlocHaus, or enjoying playful bouts with her beloved doggo, Krash.