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The dirt roads of Springrange lead to many tucked away, idyllic properties hidden in the hills and valleys, and this barn-style home was ready to accommodate both the growing requirements of a cattery business and a desire for a more expansive, comfortable living space for the residents.

The first port of call was extending the building by 1/3rd of the existing, creating the opportunity to separate the home and business from one another, while keeping easy access between them. Additionally, the upstairs mezzanine was extended and adjusted to create much more practical space.

The cattery area of the extension had unique requirements for the functioning of the business and is designed to provide a functional working space. Attaching to the main cattery, this area provides several separated rooms for isolation of troublesome or unwell felines, with access to their own outdoor cages and an office space for administration needs. A sleek, modern bathroom provides convenience for clients and residents alike. Finally, an attached kitchenette separated by a pair of sliding doors provides an area for washing and meal preparation. These spaces, though designed for functional needs, have an eye-catching raked ceiling and dazzling feature walls throughout.

The practical cattery side is balanced by the extension done to the living areas of the house, which feature close attention to detail and careful use of both space and colour to elevate otherwise simple spaces to something grander. The kitchen now opens out into a vast living space with a remarkable raked ceiling which makes the whole space soar. The many changes in ceiling height and straight lines lends a contemporary, artistic flair combined with the robust timber finishes of the blackbutt breakfast bar, the panelled sliding doors and warm timber of the floor to create a space that is both modern and homely. The most striking addition is the American Oak staircase, given only a simple stain and wax to reveal the remarkable grain patterns in this beautiful timber and against the white walls these stairs are simply stunning.

The exterior is designed to reflect both the original barn-style home and encapsulate the surrounding area in its visual style. The colourbond cladding and roofing of the original are offset against a balcony that is wrapped in rustic blackbutt, combined with a clear coated Weathertex cladding that also form a cozy entrance, complete with a door handle sourced directly from the property itself. As the building extended, so too did the pergola on the house side and additional cat cages were added to the cattery side for the isolated rooms.







There’s always a great sense of satisfaction when getting a major project out of the ground.