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A heritage home on the main street of Hall, this had several pieces of work done to make it both more functional and more beautiful for its residents. This project was custom designed by Sonja McAuliffe of Archertec Interiors.

Primarily, the renovation consisted of three bathrooms, powder room, a laundry with inbuilt cellar, a bedroom, as well as replacing the flooring to match that of the rest of the house.

For the bathrooms, walls and water points were relocated to make them uncluttered and more orderly, and the new tiling with its elegant, clean mitred finishes alongside the fresh cabinetry, fully frameless shower screens and new fittings make all the spaces feel larger, more practical and brighter.

The inbuilt cellar featured in the laundry is a favourite of the client – a wine cooler sits nestled into the cabinetry and despite a seemingly small space under the stairs a surprising number of bottles are stored in the simple, black racks.

The bedroom had a new ceiling and walls put in, with a molded windowsill that chases the old windows along their whole length making for a beautiful and utilitarian feature for the room.

The flooring was replaced with rich, Grey Ironbark that was given only light sanding and clearcoated to create a startling contrast to the natural white of the house. The stairs and handrail leading to the second storey show this off particularly well – proof that even with only a few elements any space can be made to look truly splendid.





Peter and Tammy