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29 White Crescent Campbell, ACT


This double storey house on the quiet White Crescent in Campbell is an ideal example of the kind of transformation that is possible to revitalise an old and cramped building into a modern, functional home.

As is the case with many two storey brick homes, the internal supporting walls create small, discreet spaces and the first order of business was to unify these into a single spacious and functional area. As the second renovation performed in this part of Campbell, the team was already familiar with what these old buildings have in store, and what major structural work might be required to see the internals peeled opened. The removal of a half dozen internal brick walls necessitated the second storey be supported on a series of new steel beams and structural components, as well as moving many services and modifications to upper storey floors and joists. Although a complicated procedure, the results are staggering to the home, completely transforming the kitchen and dining space, unifying them, and allowing the light and warmth to flow through the home.

This new space is centred around the kitchen – a beautiful combination of clean, simple joinery with the stark and breathtaking Michelangelo Quantum Quartz benchtop. Small touches like the shaker doors with soft push openers, recycled blackbutt hardwood shelves and brushed nickel PC items are all discreet and complementary additions that add detail, colour, and texture to the kitchen space. Alongside the kitchen area is a subtle laundry area with complementary stylings including the same benchtop and joinery, as well as hidden utilities and whitegoods providing discreet functionality.

The main dining space radiates heat and light throughout the home with an updated gas fireplace, which combined with every window in the building replaced with double-glazed aluminium, makes for a marked changed in the feel of these rooms, both in ability to hold temperature and amount of light allowed into the house. This once small space is now homely and connected, allowing the family to interact and grow together. The bottom floor is unified with Rustic Blackbutt flooring, a contrasting natural hardwood that sets itself off against the white finishes.

The other major work involved in this project is the bathrooms, both downstairs and up, designed for a modern but highly textured feel. The tiling is key to the look and feel of these rooms with Milano handmade tiles across the walls, staggered in random but highly elaborate patterns. This soft texture on the walls complemented by the featured floor tiles makes the spaces sophisticated but welcoming and reinforces the family-facing aspects of the home across its entire design. The lower storey features a freestanding bathtub with an elegant corner curve and niche, shower space with rain head, slip drain and niche and wall mounted vanity unit. The upstairs bathroom predominantly features an enormous shower space, designed with the family’s requirements in mind. The modest space is utilised to the maximum, including a toilet and wall mounted vanity with a space-saving shaving cabinet.

This renovation is a realisation of the promise that well-loved but old houses can be modernised to provide for growing families, clean designs, and elegant finishes. The most remarkable aspect is simply the consolidation of space, turning the once cramped and awkward rooms into a spacious and light-filled home, eager for the joy of family and friends to come.